Med Up: the anti-decubital solution for low risk patients

Med Up is a static anti-decubitus mattress ideal for preventing pressure ulcers in low-risk patients.

It is a static mattress, which makes it easy to install and use, even for the private use of patients.

Med Up is made of foam, bimodular, with three differentiated zones (head, torso, and heels) and offers lateral stabilizers: it offers the patient a great feeling of comfort.

Thanks to our research and development work, this product has an average contact pressure of

12.1 mmHg with a therapeutic range of 150Kg.

Med Up is available in 4 different sizes to satisfy all the requirements: the length can be 190 or 195 cm with a width of 80 or 85 cm and a thickness of 16 cm.

There are two versions available:

  • Basic, for regular sales;
  • Silver, for rentals, equipped with an entirely removable cover and side handles for mattress positioning.

To consult the complete technical data sheet or receive more information, please check the product page at this link.

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