FLOW Middle

Anti-decubitus system with dynamic functionality and continuous low pressure support.

FLOW Middle is a dynamic self-adjusting system indicated for the prevention of pressure injuries in medium- to high-risk patients. It is designed as a complete replacement for the hospital mattress.


19 polyurethane cells

Therapeutic load: 180 kg

Automatic pressure adjustment whenever a change in the patient’s weight and posture is detected, for greater support and comfort even while sitting

Equipped with 9 comfort levels for adjusting the firmness of the surface

System with 3 distinct support sections: head, torso and heels

Equipped with a support base to prevent bottoming out

Rotary CPR valve enabling deflation in less than 10 seconds

Transport function lasting approximately 24 hours

Zero pressure function for improving the prevention of pressure injuries in the heel area through individually excludable air cells

Stretch fabric, liquid impermeable, breathable, low-friction cover with antibacterial properties

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