Conceived, Designed and Built in Italy

Appreciated all over the World

The need of an effective washing
For those people who can not move from their own bed.
This is a portable toilet with a Shower, Bidet, Wash-Head Function, sink and extractable hair dryer.

Washing with pleasant thermo-regulated hot water
Suction easy and efficient
Drying Without abrasion and redness

Technical Data Sheet

1. Dimensions: H 128 W 57 D 90 cm
2. power supply: 240vaC; 50Hz
3. adjustable knob with digital display water temperature
4. Grill bottle holder
5. Selector knob functions
6. Clean Water temperature indicators
7. extractable hair dryer
8. Double jet shower
9. Stainless steel sink
10. extractable suction system
11. load clean water
12. 2 tanks with capacity 34 lt:
– clean water (from water supply network)
– dirty water
13. Two large diameter wheels to overcome obstacles
14. practical shelves for tub-sheet and Bidet
15. air-intake for inflatable Bidet
16. Two swivel wheels
17. reusable inflatable Bidet and Head-washing basin.
18. Connecting pipes to the air-intake aquabuddy-pro

Why choose AquAbuddy pro

  • efficient washing, perfect hygiene
  • patients and operators avoid any risk of falls and injury
  • operators avoid any heavy effort
  • Wide surface for a better washing
  • Simple and fast washing operations
  • The right amount of water to avoid wastes
  • lower risk of urinary infections
  • lower risk of bedsores
  • Drying of delicate or reddened skin folds without abrasion
  • patients can remain in their bed
  • Products by AquaBuddy S.R.L.

More Information
Power Supply 240VAC; 50Hz
Dimesions cm H128 - L57 - P90
Water Capacity 2 tanks with capacity 34 lt
Dove si usa AquaBuddy Pro
Nursing Home
- Hospice
- Bedridden
- Disabled People
- Obese People
- Spinal Unit
- Intensive Care Unit
- Trauma center
- Burns
- Bariatric