EASYCARE is a new antidecubitus mattress line that combines: efficiency, high level of prevention and simplicity.

  • Efficient, thanks to its Start&Stop Function.
  • High Level of Prevention, with its alternating pressure system combined with a micro air loss.
  • Simplicity, thanks to its simple use pump.

EasyCare Top Mattress

EasyCare Top provides care for medium-low risk patients.
The mattress is made of 20 cells with a static zone underneath that provides pressure support in case of power failure.

It has micro holes on central cells that wicks moisture away and keeps the patient more comfortable.

The cover is a mix of Spandex and PU with biocompatibility and vapor permeable & water resistant with CRIB5 flame retardant level.
It also has a zipper all around that protects the mattress from fluid ingress and that is totally removable for cleaning.

EasyCare Top Pump

The EasyCare top pump showcases the following features:

  • Weight Setting
  • Cycle Time setting
  • Max Inflate
  • Static Function
  • Seat Inflation
  • Alarm: power loss and low pressure
  • Lock/Unlock