Technological evolution in IIa

UP21 is the first Dynamic anti – decubitus system manufactured in Italy by an italian company (SERVICE MED) recognized in Class IIa Medical Device.
It is a technological development in the research of software and materials.
It is an anti – decubitus system indicated for patients at very high risk.

UP21, an interactive automatic system, thanks to the IPCS, Intelligent Pressure Control System, detects the patient’s weight and automatically adjusts the support pressure.

Comfort and Well-Being

UP21 mattress is made by unique and indipendent air cells. They have been designed to be higher than traditional ones and their height allows an extremely high therapeutic range: 350 kg.
The clinical principle of advanced biodynamic guarantees an high level of comfort and well-being to the patient. It has 4 sections for the support of the head, trunk/legs, and for the lateral support, and a differentiated dynamic and fully autonomous section for the heels. It is equipped with a quick deflating function (CPR) that can be activated through an unique simple movement.
The display, thanks to its dimensions, allows an easy vision and comprehension of the buttons and of the warnings. The highly automatic and interactive system, checks the effectiveness of the therapy directly on the display, with high-performance configurations for the benefit of the patient and ease of use for the provider.


UP21 has been designed with a particular attention for energy saving and environmental compliance. Its new “Start and Stop” technology allows to save 70-80% of energy than the traditional systems. The pump works only 12min per hour, while the remaining 48 min it does not produce any noise or vibration by ensuring energy saving and sound pollution decrease. Additionally, the system has been developed to not require any extra maintenance except for the regular one.

Class IIa Medical Device that complies with the requirements of Directive 93/42/CEE modified and supplemented by Directive 2007/47/CEE.
Medical Device classified in Class IIa according to IEC 60601-1.