Products | 23 June 2017

The Service Med family of products continues to grow with two technologically innovative and useful tools that help stimulate and speed up the healing process of skin ulcers: Frems Aptiva 4 and Frems Speeder WH.

The device is available only in the Italian territory, for now.

What is Frems?

FREMS, Frequency Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System is a technology that originates from the innovation of Electroceuticals, the discipline that utilizes the electrical stimulation of nerve cells to influence and modify the physiologic mechanisms.

Through a specific electrical stimulation, FREMS reactivates the microcirculation and accelerates the healing process of all types of skin ulcer.

This technology is useful and considered in the treatment of chronic ulcers of the lower limbs, such as arterial and venous lesions or diabetic neuropathy.

How does Frems Aptiva 4 and Frems Speeder WH work?

Both devices are easy to use and you can compare the differences in depth by referring to the technical data sheet of the two products.

By simply applying the transcutaneous electrodes, sequences of spike-like electrical pulses are emitted, characterized by a minimum amount of charges and frequency variables, which perform vasomotor and anti-inflammatory actions.

They also favor cutaneous tissue repair by releasing plasma growth factors and promote the modulation of pain.

The results will be evident from the very first sessions.

The main differences between Aptiva 4 and Speeder WH

The main difference is technical: on the one hand, Aptiva 4 is a more complete product but in some cases overestimated for the needs of the patient. On the other, Speeder WH is more like a home-based product, which must always be medically prescribed, but is more affordable and functional for home use.

Aptiva 4 offers 4 active channels simultaneously: therefore there are 4 cables, each with 8 endings, for a total of 32 electrodes.

If an electrode detaches from the area of care, an alarm will alert you for a complete care of the lesions. In addition, Aptiva 4 can be easily managed at a distance thanks to a remote control. It is equipped with a user card for modifying treatments and a trolley for moving around.

These features make it ideal for outpatient situations.

Speeder WH instead offers 2 active channels simultaneously: therefore there are 2 cables with 4 electrodes each for a total of 8 active electrodes.

Speeder WH also comes with remote control and user card to modifying treatments.

Duration of treatments with FREMS

Treatment is flexible and according to the availability and needs of the patient. Generally, a treatment cycle consists of 10 sessions with each session lasting 30 minutes.

The sessions can be repeated daily or once every two days and can be performed on an outpatient basis or at home.