Products | 18 September 2017

The Repose line is a full range of products specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers through the principle of immersion.

These are portable, easy-to- use air products.

One of the most interesting features is they are not powered by electricity and above all they can be used with more than one patient.

All the products are made of polyurethane and have just one single interconnecting air cell inside which allows the air to be automatically redistributed with each minimum movement of the patient, therefore, guaranteeing a constant pressure.

The products are all equipped with a convenient inflator unit that also acts as a holding case for the product itself.

In addition, the inflation valve has been patented as an intelligent valve: once the internal pressure of 0.2 psi (0.01379 bar) has been reached, it automatically closes, ensuring that the Repose product cannot be inflated more than necessary.

The benefits of the line

High quality: All the products of the line undergo very restrictive stress tests before being placed on the market, including an inflation test at double the allowed pressure and a patient simulation test equal to 30,000 cycles.

Clinical trials: The products are supported by in-depth clinical trials that for over 20 years have proven to be effective in the treatment of bed sores.

Price-quality ratio: Two-year warranty and the possibility that it can be used with multiple patients allows for the cost of the product to be amortized throughout its life cycle.


A portable solution for static chairs with armrests.

The reduced height of the device and the larger outer cells guarantee comfort, stability, less wear and tear and a longer life span of the product itself.

Care Sit

A solution dedicated to patients in wheelchairs, both static and dynamic.

The double section of the pillow will provide the patient with two independent supports, one for the back and one for the sacrum.

Foot Protector Plus

A solution dedicated to the treatment and prevention of heel decubitus ulcers, especially for mattresses not equipped with an area dedicated to the heels.

The comfortable attachment, thanks to the magnets and the ventilation hole placed at the height of the heel, will make the patient comfortable even in the case of movements.

Sole protector

A device designed to protect the sole of the foot if it comes into contact with the end of the bed. Indicated for patients who have an equine foot or tend to slip towards the end of the bed.


The portable solution for the prevention and treatment of heel decubitus ulcers.

It is an alternative solution to Foot Protector Plus if the patient tends to be restless, suffers from foot perspiration or has a very large heel.


A comfortable and portable solution for the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers that is suitable for all types of beds and mattresses.


A system designed for the transportation of patients: its versatility makes it useful for both the phases of transportation, therefore, avoiding damage from friction, as well as for the phases of analysis.

All the products of the Repose line are imported from GCare and products from FrontierMedical Group