Products | 19 September 2017

Ultracore is a static anti-decubitus system that consists of not one but three different technologies, all dedicated to the creation of a unique product in the treatment and prevention of bed sores.

Hybrid technology

When we talk about hybrid technology we refer to a product that cleverly combines three distinct products: by paraphrasing the world of Gestalt psychology we can confidently state that Ultracore is a product far superior to the sum of the individual parts.

The Repose restraint

This restraint is a complete solution for the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers up to grade 2.

It adapts perfectly to the UltraCore mattress and completes the top part of the finished product.

U-core foam

It is Ultracore’s soul. The foam layer guarantees the right stability and support for the mattress.

The Cover

Finally, the cover of Ultracore: a polyurethane cover, bi-elastic that guarantees vapor permeability but above all it is waterproof to liquids.

Longer life, greater benefits

The combination of these three elements guarantees a longer durability of the product in terms of wear: the advantage of having the U-core foam repose restraint ensures direct non-contact of the body with the foam layer and therefore less wear of the foam.

An interesting product for patients forced to medium-long stays.

We remind you that Ultracore is imported from GCare and produced by FrontierMedical Group