About us

Service Med is a company that has operated in the medical device industry since 1992.

Specialised in the rental and management of anti-decubitus systems, Service Med counts over thirty years of experience and is today the leading Italian company in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

Service Med continues to design and create industry-leading products and services, and firmly believes in the culture of prevention and the need to apply and disseminate good treatment practices. 

The goal is always the same: to improve people’s quality of life through care pathways that meet all the needs of patients and their caregivers.

For this reason, Service Med is committed on a daily basis to facilitating the relationship between patients and healthcare institutions, facilitating the work of healthcare operators, optimising the cost-benefit relationship, and developing partnerships and collaborations with public and private administrations.

Since 2021, Service Med has been part of the MedicAir Group.

As we all know, unity is strength. The synergy between Service Med and MedicAir, a leading company in the home care sector, allows to further expand the range of products and services on offer and to have an increasingly extensive presence throughout the territory. But that’s not all.

Sharing technological know-how and staff expertise is the foundation for conceiving and translating cutting-edge solutions for the well-being of patients and healthcare operators into reality. It is also the basis for advancing the commitment in the field of training and communication, with joint initiatives aimed at increasing the culture of scientific literacy and prevention.

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