Market leader in anti-decubitus systems

For over thirty years we have been the leading Italian company in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries

Service Med has made a decisive contribution to Pressure Injury Prevention (PIP) by creating a range of specialised industry-leading products and services.

Service Med designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative anti-decubitus systems and offers rental, sales, technical assistance and sanitisation services in line with all current regulations, in order to meet the needs of every patient and facilitate the work of healthcare operators and caregivers.

Since 2021, Service Med has been part of MedicAir Group, enabling the company to offer an even more extensive service throughout Italy.


We believe that the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries has a fundamental objective: to improve people’s quality of life through treatment pathways that meet all the needs of patients and their caregivers.

The philosophy behind every choice we make can be summed up in the motto “Light up your life”, because committing to care such as ours – based on offering cutting-edge products and services, and on a relationship of synergy and trust with our patients – is what literally lights up the lives of patients and their caregivers.


Pressure injuries are a common yet complex problem that can affect various aspects of a patient’s life. If not properly treated, they can cause infections and slow down the rehabilitation process, prolonging hospitalisation. Service Med offers a wide range of high-tech anti-decubitus surfaces that meet the highest quality standards and respond to different clinical needs depending on the patient’s degree of risk of developing pressure injuries.


The integrated solution for the prevention
and treatment of pressure injuries.
Discover the first digital platform designed to
monitor injuries and manage anti-decubitus systems.
In a safe, simple and effective way.

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Customer Care

Our customers can count on highly professional customer service with first-class support. Service Med’s customer care professionals – specialised in the different types of services offered and constantly updated thanks to regular training courses – guarantee punctual and effective feedback that is always oriented towards problem-solving, every step of the way. But they also know how to listen attentively and respond to requests with empathy. Only those who demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills and deep motivation are part of the team.

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