The integrated solution for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries

SMOW (Service Med On Web) is the first digital platform entirely dedicated to pressure injuries. It is a revolutionary system for the prevention and treatment of injuries and the management of anti-decubitus systems. Created for the well-being of the patient and designed for the healthcare professional, SMOW is simple to use, safe and effective.

For patients: customised interventions based on clinical data

SMOW is the equivalent of a medical record and at the same time much more, because it includes a comprehensive and fast clinical audit tool to assess:

  • The patient’s general condition;
  • Risk factors;
  • Anatomical locations of injuries;
  • Stage of injury severity.

By facilitating the collection and monitoring of clinical data, interventions can be customised to meet the specific needs of the individual patient.

For operators: simplified management of anti-decubitus systems

SMOW simplifies and streamlines the management of anti-decubitus systems because it collects rental data (from rented products to costs, from days of use to period trends) and makes it available at a glance, in the form of graphs or tables.

Easy to use

SMOW facilitates the daily work of healthcare operators because it responds to practical needs quickly and effectively. Below are some of its features, just one click away:

  • Direct link between the clinical assessment and the medical device to be ordered;
  • Request for assistance or collection of anti-decubitus systems;
  • Display of orders in progress, being delivered and/or collected;
  • Activation of an alarm system for sanitisation or replacement of the medical device.

Completely safe

Fully compliant with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and featuring business continuity systems, SMOW protects patient privacy while enabling detailed patient history tracking.

Data are protected in the dedicated archive and are always accessible, facilitating the coordination of interventions during the treatment pathway.

Keeping up with scientific research

SMOW has a multimedia library on pressure injuries that includes everything needed to keep up with scientific research and guidelines:

  • Clinical studies and scientific literature;
  • Regional, national and international guidelines;
  • Videos on the correct use of medical devices;
  • Courses on good prevention and treatment practice.

Indispensable for good practice

SMOW enables fully data-driven pressure injury management to optimise and standardise the entire prevention and treatment process, facilitating the application of good practice. For the benefit of patients, operators and the entire healthcare facility.

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